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Zoe's Tale by John Scalzi

Zoe's Tale

Zoe's Tale ebook

Zoe's Tale John Scalzi ebook
Publisher: Doherty, Tom Associates, LLC
Page: 416
ISBN: 9780765356192
Format: pdf

To be fair, I'd already spent the last few days reading 'Zoe's Tale' before I felt the urge to go 'fantasy' and I'd also felt that I wanted to catch up on at least one ongoing series before the year ended! Cover of John Scalzi's Zoe's Tale I've enjoyed all the books in Scalzi's OLD MAN'S WAR universe, but ZOE'S TALE is my favorite. Zoe's Tale (2008) by John Scalzi. Suffice it to say that both The Ghost Brigades (A Sci Fi Essential Book) and The Last Colony are excellent books, and necessary to understanding Zoe's Tale . A player and a pawn in an interstellar chess match to save the human race. John Scalzi insists the character is not based on his daughter. Zoe's Tale wouldn't work if it weren't for Zoë. This is the fourth book in John Scalzi's Science Fiction series that started with Old Man's War. Thanks to the wonderful new Evergreen Indiana system I was finally able to read Zoe's Tale by the slightly insane John Scalzi. Yes, I'm skipping the middle two books. As the the threats in the books grow in scale, her negotiation skills get honed even further. Several weeks ago, when he was going away to camp, I tried to come up with a gift to send along with my 14-year-old son. Her arc from carefree child to manipulator of one of the most ancient races in the galaxy is an amazingly smooth progression. Zoe's Tale is a retelling of the story of The Last Colony from the point of view of Zoe, the teenage daughter of the main characters of the previous novel. A colonist stranded on a deadly pioneer world.